how to test magnetic pickup distributor. Discussion Starter · #1 · May 11, 2007. The wiring on the coil is correct. Electronic Ignition System. The magnetic pickup assembly is mounted over the main bearing of the distributor housing, and is made to. Touching the pickup to ground creates a spark. Check the polarity of the distributor pickup wires, there's a blurb about it in the instructions. The simplest form of a magnetic encoder is a variable-reluctance rotary sensor or magnetic pickup, which consists of a magnetic sensor and a ferromagnetic gear with teeth. As the rotor spins, small windows in the rotor change the magnetic . The Ford Duraspark distributor uses a very simple magnetic pickup. The heart of any ignition system is the coil, battery voltage is supplied on the positive side, while the negative side is repeatedly pulsed to ground. This is the same connector used on MSD's magnetic pick-up harnesses. Depending on the ohms you use on each wire, the resistance can range between 400 and 1,300. of the following diagrams fit your specific application, remove the. STARTING THE ENGINE CAUTION: Be sure all tools, wires, and miscellaneous objects are clear of moving engine parts and extreme heat before starting the engine. The gap should be anywhere from. As simple as removing the old terminal points and installing a new magnetic pickup tion to electronic ignition can be as simple as removing the old points and installing a new magnetic pickup in the distributor. If a coil problem is suspected, measure the coil's primary and secondary resistance with an ohmmeter. The ignition coil terminal that receives this activation signal is the one labeled with the (-) symbol. How To Test, A Two-Wire Sensor: If you have a two-wire, magnetic-type sensor, set your multimeter to "AC volts. Screw the magnetic pickup cable onto the magnetic pickup 2. If this is the type similar to used in automotive timing that measure flywheel crank teeth, then they are usually NPN open collector output, if so you need to place a 1k resistor from output to +vdc. Replacement maintenance-free magnetic pickup; Found in all Pro-Billet Distributors. MSD Ignition 84661 Distributor Component Magnetic Pick-Up MSD Distributors. ) On the fourth or fifth time you turn your ignition ON, leave it in the ON position. The MSD Ready to Run distributor will even accept a stock GM breaker-point type. When the magnetic lines of flux pass through the coil, the polarity of the voltage across the coil changes. However, with the ignition on, . The ideal situation is to have your pickup In-Phase and Hum-Cancelling with other pickups. How does it work? As the distributor shaft turns, the reluctor wheel also turns. How Do You Replace the Pickup Coil in The Distributer. As the tab passes by the pickup, it creates pulses in the magnetic field. If there is a spark between the coil wire and the engine, then both the 6A box and the coil are working, which means the problem lies with the ignition pickup in the distributor. But instead of using a replacement Ford Duraspark module—which exhibit questionable durability characteristics—we. Most gasket silicone sealers can be used. point towards the reluctor of the distributor. The cause of the no-start on your 2. Buy online for free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you. How to Test ATV Ignition Pickup Coils. [ VIEW ANSWER ] [ Find Similar ] How do you test an ignition control module?. The magnetic pickup in MSD Distributors can also be checked with an Ohm meter to make sure it is within operating specifications. This magnetic pickup has an explosion proof housing which makes it ideal for hazardous environments. The distributor cap is important to the performance of the car's engine. bks, The resistance should be 250-650 ohm's, if you are showing open it is bad. Compatible with all ACCEL 41, 51, 61 and 71 series distributors, they bolt right to the magnetic pickup plate in the distributor and are backed by a limited one-year warranty. Normally the box is wired up using a magnetic pickup, see pic. The coil consists of a primary winding (coil of copper wire) and a secondary winding inside of the housing and in very close proximity to each other. The distributor that bt15 referred to is the older (pre-86) mechanical advance, magnetic trigger dist. The module sends a voltage to the magnetic pick-up, which the stay wheel interrupts each time it causes a pulse. See More Specifications | Check the Fit. The pickup coil transducer senses magnetic field changes around the distributor rotor. In my manual there was no test for the distributor. Inductive type pick-up tachometers: The unit consists of a small permanent magnet with a coil around it. The easiest way to test a module on the car is to ensure that the wiring & pickup coil are OK. Try not to set the car on fire. Step 1: Test the ignition coil's primary ignition circuit · Step 2: Research the provisions of your ignition coil · Step 3: Disconnecting the wiring harness for . The process of testing the ignition coil of a leaf blower. If the resistance is too high or low, the pickup coil is . The Duraspark II ignition coil is capable of generating a higher voltage than the regular coil. Connect the negative Meter lead to a good chassis ground in the vehicle and the positive lead to the suspected tachometer wire. Use an ohm meter across the two . This isn't exactly definitive, as we have seen working coils with 0. If the pickup is out of this specification, it may not be triggering the ignition box. " Have an assistant turn the ignition key on, without starting the engine. ACCEL Blue And White Magnetic Pickup Coils are the same high-output assemblies found in all ACCEL distributors that use a black wire magnetic pickup. The frequency of this voltage is translated by the speed control. Pin 1 hooks between the ignition switch and ballast resistor, pin 2 goes to the negative coil lead, and the pickup is wired to pins 4 and 5. The resistance should be within 400 - 1,300 ohms. This magnetic pick-up is placed near a metallic . To power the module, the distributor just requires one wire. If there is a spark, then the ignition coil is not the problem. If the soldering gun is not big enough, or is held too far from the pickup coil, you won't induce voltage in the pickup coil and the test is in-valid. As you can see, there is only a very small gap between the reluctor and the pickup. First disconnect the two lead from the ignition module and set the meter to ohms. The cooler it is the longer it will last so keep it away from headers and other heat sources. Step 6: Clean rusty connectors. A screwdriver will pry out the reluctor, carefull though. You will notice that the timing changes significantly and may appear very erratic. may have to do it a time or two so the rotor lines back up in the original position. A digital storage oscilloscope is used to perform current ramping tests. • A pickup coil contains a coil of wire, and the resistance of. He basically hot-wired the engine and removed a plug wire and placed it near a ground. TEST 2: Making Sure The Pick-Up Coil Is Getting 8 Volts. MAGNETIC PICK-UP TEST 1) With ignition off, check resistance between pins No. Since the advent of magnetic pickup sensors, many manufacturers made the switch from mechanical distributor systems. This generates a tiny signal that triggers the coil — essentially an electronic version of a set of mechanical points, except no voltage passes through the pickup like it does with ignition points. Adding up all those magnetic fields together creates a stronger vector field that properly functions as a magnet. In order to guarantee that the pickup works properly, keep your resistance between. You can test the pickup coil with a digital multimeter. Place a small bead of silicone sealer on the back of the pickup assembly and place it in the distributor housing. As the rotor spins, the windows pass in front of the sensor, exposing it the magnet which triggers a signal to the car's ignition system which then fires a spark within the firing order. If you have a 86-95, you have the hall effect dist. Some symptoms of a bad distributor cap are stalling, backfiring, shaking, and a high pitched squealing noise. Then, place the metal screwdriver near the distributor electrode. How To Install Electronic Ignition On A Motorcycle. Step 4: Find the pickup coil on your car. TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE MAGNETIC TRIGGERED. • The pickup coil must generate an AC voltage pulse to the ignition module so that the module can pulse the ignition coil. If the bushing was worn excessively, this would allow the points on the reluctor to strike the pickup-which could make that sound you are hearing. A Performance single resistor should be around 0,5 and 1 ohm, while a stock one will be on 1,5 ohms rate. (For MSD's Flying Magnet Crank Trigger systems, a non-magnetic pickup is used. When the teeth move past the sensor, the changing magnetic field generates a voltage pulse, which can be converted to speed. An electronic ignition control module. Holding the plastic handle of the screwdriver, bring the metal area of the screwdriver close to a metal part of the engine, being careful not to touch it. The orange and purple wires need to be connected for the pick up coil. Make sure the ignition switch is in the Off position. Test the TFI module according to the chart below. TEST 6: Testing The Ignition Coil's Activation Signal The ignition coil gets an activation signal from your 5. This happened to me several years ago where everything was OK then the car wouldn't start. Current ramping can be used to test for current limits and charging rise time of the ignition circuit c. However when you start it up and check with a strobe you may find its actually set at 4 degrees or anything +/- 2 or 3 degrees, because the mark alignment is a guess and the distributor when its turning gives a different setting at idle, when the engine is ticking over. Once again, connect the Ohm meter's leads to the two terminals of the pickup. Troubleshooting Techniques. For the pick up coil (magnetic pick up assembly), connect your ohmmeter between the orange and purple wires. Ignition Timing The ignition system must be timed so the sparks jump across the spark plug gaps at exactly the right time. This keeps the pickup from flopping around loose in the distributor. The pickup coil determines this firing order as it spins within the distributor, using a magnetic sensor in place of mechanical breaker points. When the negative lead is grounded, the primary (low-voltage) circuit is completed and a magnetic field is generated by the coil windings. The rotor spins on the distributor shaft and is what tells the module when to fire the coil. 4: You must remove the thin “C” washer in order to remove the pickup coil. This tool has a clamp-style inductive pickup that can be used on the spark plug wires of Coil Near Plug, DIS and distributor ignition systems. or be worn or snapped past runout. SOLVED: How to replace pickup coil in distributor. If that won't bring it to life, check the Magnetic pickup, by measuring the resistance across it. I once had an HEI module hooked up and to test it you licked you finger and touched the 2 pins for the pickup. We have the best Distributor Magnetic Pickup for the right price. How Do You Test A Magnetic Distributor Pickup? As a guide, your Ohm meter will allow you to estimate the pickup when contacting a distributor who has a pickup in contrast with the assembly. Connect the White wire on the magnetic pickup coil to the [W] terminal on the module. If the reading is outside of this range, then it's likely the pickup is bad. How to: Test Ignition Pick-up (Pulse) Sensor: If you are diagnosing a no-spark condition, one of the tests is to verify resistance across the pickup sensor to help rule it out. or you can do a ohm check, the pick up should be between 500 to 1500 ohms. The pick up is located underneath the top . Zero cross detector input of the magnetic pickup signal for the ignition actuation. It will not work on OEM or discontinued MSD distributors with a cast aluminum housing (cast housings require PN 8466). Watch How To Test Electronic Distributor Video. Note: Components of the ignition pulse amplifier are serviced separately, see Service Manual for component test procedure. The control unit for the magnetic pick-up is a module located in the distributor. How to Magnetic Pickup Ignition Tachometer Adapter. Step 1: Test the ignition coil’s primary ignition circuit. TEST 1: Testing The Pick-Up Coil's Signal. Standard Motor Products FD175T Distributor Cap. ignition coil, distributor, and spark plug is similar to previous methods. This pulse reverses to the module, which grounds the coil, causing a spark plug. This special magnetic pickup is a low drag, flow meter sensor with thread x thread length x housing length. Insert the wires into the appropri­ate retainers in the distributor. Two technicians are discussing distributor ignition. This system consists of a special pulse-sending distributor, an electronic control unit, a two-element ballast resistor, and a special ignition coil. There's a range of resistance specified in the ROM which I can't . A rotating trigger wheel of special magnetic substance has eight equally . If all of that checks out, the following steps will help you to test the coil inside the cap, and the magnetic pick up. Then in the early (70's) 1980's went to a duel magnectic pickup on 6 and 8 cylinders. you cant test the crank trigger by using an ohm meter but you can test the 7al2 by shorting the points wire to ground and you should get a spark (I think its the white wire from memory). since you only need the multimeter to measure the AC Voltage signal of the pick up coil. It should avoid touching the electrodes. Mouse over to Zoom- Click to enlarge. How to replace the magnetic pickup coil on a 1995. You can try without doing this, but I've read several instructions saying to remove boot. On distributors with the pickup separate from the module assembly, you can check the pickup using your Ohm meter. This ensures combustion and produces great throttle response and smooth idle. The resistance should be around 800. Check the air gap between the reluctor and the magnetic pickup. To check the coil's secondary resistance, connect an ohmmeter between the carbon pick-up in the top of the distributor cap and the BAT terminal at the distributor cap. ) get price for ACDelco 89044650 GM Original Equipment Front Driver Side Power Window Regulator without Motor. 3: The magnetic shield is held in place with 3 screws. A screwdriver can be used to check the arc when the ignition is turned. 625 inch length) and a 5/8-18 thread. A 1997 model should have the cam sensor mounted in the distributor with the plug on the side. For the traditionalist that must have an HEI inductive ignition system, or for the car owner that simply does not want, or doesn't have room to mount the extra external components, MSD's new Ready to Run (RTR) distributor will fit the bill. With the help of this tutorial, you'll be able to find out if it's bad or not in 3 tests. With the ignition off, turn the engine over by hand until one of the teeth on the distributor armature aligns with the magnet in the pickup coil. Rotate (crank) the engine until the distributor rotor is approximately in the 11 o'clock position. An adaptor including a voltage clamp is connected to the tachometer lead of the electronic ignition system so that a power balance test may be performed in the conventional manner without harming the electronic ignition system. As with most electronic distributors, the sensor acts much like a switch, because it produces a constant voltage signal that. View connection guidance notes. The distributor comes with a two-wire harness that plugs directly into most MSD ignition boxes. DIY Auto Service: Permanent Magnet and Hall Effect Sensor. nating magnetic field in the body of the soldering gun will induce voltage in the pickup coil, which should trigger the module, which should trigger the ignition coil. I am using a digital voltmeter with the range on 20 do you think that is going to be sensitive enough to pick up a signal, maybe the pickup is bad. The reluctor has 1 tab for each cylinder. An HEI distributor that has a worn pick-up coil or corroded magnetic poles will produce a weak spark, with insufficient voltage to ignite the combustion gases. Phased and curved to your combination. " This indicates an internal short in the magneto. For this style distributor, the only real specification is to check the resistance of the magnetic pickup. Use manufacturer’s data to identify the distributor pick-up circuit. If you are using the 2-Pin Magnetic Pickup of the MSD to trigger the ignition, follow these steps. I've checked the impedance of the magnetic pickup in the distributor which is within the proper range. It will also work NOTE: Do not use solid core spark plug wires with the HYFIRE®. The worst failure cost us a service call from Houston to Harlingen and back in a day (7hrs one way). The wiring is attached via a special snap-on connector. The most common of the bunch is the ever reliable GM HEI internal cap. Usually a problematic ignition pickup will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential issue that should be serviced. Detach distributor connector body from harness connector, and connect an ohmmeter to the distributor leads. The magnetic pick-up is shown in Figure 2. The distributor is an integral component of the ignition system, routing voltage from the ignition coil to fire the engine's spark plugs in sequence. If necessary, use the supplied. · Wrap a protective cloth around the cable . As for your problem with the backfire, I would recommend re-checking your timing using a plain, inductive, no frills timing light. I've included a photo of an MSD distributor showing the 8-point reluctor located on the distributor shaft that spins next to a magnetic pickup. Distributor pick up coils can be measured by a multimeter by connecting the negative terminal of pick up coil to the negative lead of the multimeter and . 0 ohm across the two primary coil terminals. MSD Ignition has built an entire industry around providing support Maintenance-free magnetic pickup and precision reluctor create stable . Voltmeter should read approximately 5. MSD PN 8276 Non Magnetic Crank Trigger Pickup / Sensor , the 3/4 x16 UNF model should measure 70-90 ohms Resistance. You can also use an Oscilloscope if you have one now since so few . Accel 31085 Magnetic Pickup Coil. Hei distributor need wireing diagram to change 72 nova over to hei distributor hey , just take the positive wire from the coil you are removing and feed it to. (For MSD’s Flying Magnet Crank Trigger systems, a non-magnetic pickup is used. You can find this tutorial in Spanish here: Cómo Probar La Bobina Captadora (1990-1995 2. The magnetic pickup produces a voltage output when any magnetic material. The speed sensors are designed to measure diesel engine RPM for use in the automatic electric or automatic electric-to-pneumatic overspeed protection . How Do You Test A Magnetic Pickup In A Distributor? If you are not sure if the pickup is on your distributor when the assembly is attached, consider using your Ohm meter to determine if it is. The signal rotor is attached to the distributor shaft, and the magnet and the pickup coil are attached to the generator base plate. Distributor Pick Up Coil Resistance (ohms). Connect the magnetic pickup cable into the voltage input cable using the supplied BNC barrel. To set pickup gap: Loosen the two magnetic pickup mounting nuts. Ignition coils supply the distributor with high voltage electricity to fire the spark plugs. 2 On systems with more than one coil, remove the fuel system fuse to prevent the engine from starting. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www. You might want to turn on the ignition while an individual watches the arcs. The part number is 84661 and is available from any of our dealers listed on our web page. A magnetic pickup is normally installed into the flywheel housing of an internal combustion engine, so that the starter ring gear acts upon it to generate a voltage pulse each time a gear tooth passes the end of the sensor. Both of the leads to the pickup require a connection to your Ohm meter. How to check resistance on pickup coil in the distributor of. (magnetic pickup distributor or crank trigger). The pickup used in the distributor is a maintenance-free magnetic model that works in conjunction with a precision reluctor wheel. Testing an ignition coil for resistance will always indicate its condition b. The CDI is built around a durable cast aluminum housing and easily connects to points, amplifiers and magnetic pickup distributors. A black with gray stripe (BLK/GRY) wire connects to the (-) terminal. On my initial static test, I got 0 ohms resistance across the pick-up coil but observed that the plug was all gunked up and pretty corroded, so after I cleaned it up I got 314 ohms (within spec) and it ran fine for a day. Then, remove the ignition coil wire and position the terminal just. Static timing new electronic distributor. Technician A says the firing voltage at the spark plugs can vary with engine load and a. MSD 84661 Magnetic Pickup for all Billet Distributors. I'm getting ready to test a Futaba Magnetic RPM sensor with a DA70 engine and ignition. 1 - Pickup Assembly 2 - Nuts 1 - Magnet 1 - 2-pin Connector 2 - Screws Note: This Magnetic Pickup is a replacement for MSD Pro-Billet and Billet Distributors. The function of the ignition coil is to multiply the voltage of the power supplied from the CDI, and to send the multiplied power to the spark plug. next connect the meter leads one to each wire connector of the pickup coil the readings should be(NNN) NNN-NNNNohm's also with a lead connected to one wire connector at a time touch the other to the distributor housing and there should be no continuity the. How Can You Test A Distributor? Use the metal screwdriver to locate the distributor's electrode. An old or failing ignition pickup may cut out signal intermittently, which may cause the engine to stall. In this system, a magnetic pickup is used instead of contact breaks points in a conventional system. Has anybody ever put a scope on the signal wire of a DA and/or DLE?. Step 2: Research the provisions of your ignition coil. " Bernie Embden came to the same conclusion. Testing an Ignition Coil for Voltage Leaks and Other Internal Faults 1 Connect the test spark plug to the output terminal of the ignition coil and ground the test spark plug. As the teeth of the wheel on the distributor's shaft pass the metal core of the pick-up coil, the magnetic field collapses and a voltage is induced in the pick-up coil's windings. Both the original 3854077 and the Petronix model have a magnetic pickup which reads from an 8-bladed rotor. Distributor Installation Wiring 1. Magnetic Gear Tooth Sensor or Pickup. NOTE: The camshaft position sensor is also known as. The connector plugs directly into an MSD Distributor or Crank. Remove pick-up coil from the up­per plate. Seems if low voltage or voltage spikes kill it. The magnetic pickup senses a sudden change in the magnetic field caused by a metal protrusion of the metal teeth on the engine flywheel. The threaded barrel type also work this way. Reading should be 400-800 ohms. Connect an ohmmeter to each terminal of the pick-up coil connector or wire and ground (one terminal at a time). If it shows less than 12, you need to find a 12-voltage source to replace this one and test again. How to Convert to a Crank Trigger Ignition. Also, remove the two wire connectors that plug into the ignition coil itself. The MSD Magnetic Pickup replacement is the same high-output assembly that is currently found in all MSD Distributors, and the 2-pin connector is installed. When I was younger guys talked about duel point distributors. The coil of the distributor is a very important part and can be found in the cap. If reading is not within 500-700 ohms replace pickup assembly. Can a MSD Dist be bad out of the box?. The pickup coil monitors the rotation. At high motor rotation speeds, the external resistor R12 may be used to vary the desaturation time ratio, to adapt the L484 to various signal waveforms of time magnetic pick-up. Now, check whether the red wire has 12 voltages when the ignition key is turned on. The older models were in the bottom of the distributor, and the distributor shaft had to be removed to take the pickup-coil out. Put the metal part of a screwdriver against the metal of the plug wire. Our Best Performance Magnetic Pick-up Distributor Teamed up with the best CD Ignition box for the. I verified that my ignition coil is providing plenty of spark to the distributor (I verified), but I am getting no spark at all to any of the plug wires. Check the connection of the high voltage, or HV, wire to the coil and to the spark plug clip if you obtain a reading higher than 15 k. 3) If distributor assembly is okay and voltmeter will not oscillate, replace magnetic pick-up (stator] assembly. Pickup/pulser coils are easy to test, and don't even require removing them from your motor. The PICKUP COIL OHMETER TEST compares actual pickup resistance with the manufacturer's specifications. I regapped the magnetic pick up. Which technician is correct? Select one: a. An old or failing ignition pickup may cut out signal. Do not hold the distributor armature. Distributor Magnetic Pickup. Magnetic Pickup: intrinsically safe, power zener, extra long reach The . Be sure to check out all of our products from MSD including MSD Tach Adapters. Technician B says that some distributor ignition systems use an optical sensor. Most coils should read between 0. The trouble is once the truck shuts off and you try and test it, often times it has cooled down enough to measure fine. Figure 57–5 An AC voltage is produced by a magnetic sensor. Your Pickup can have either North or South pointing towards the strings, and the coil could be Clockwise or Counter-clockwise (more on this later). Too bad the mechanic back then didn't know anything about it. Place the metal part of the screwdriver against the metal part of the plug wire. The magnitude of the current is . Replace the magneto if the meter reads "OL. also when you check resistance wiggle the wires from the pickup these over. Now connect the two multi-meter leads to the purple and orange wire that comes from the MSD distributor. If it is cocked or slanted, the paddles of the reluctor may contact the pickup and destroy one or both of them. How do you test a magnetic pickup coil? On distributors with the pickup separate from the module assembly, you can check the pickup using your Ohm meter. If you have a Actron CP9087 Ignition Module and Sensor Testor, perform Control Module Test (Section 3 using the Magnetic Reluctance Pick-up hookup on page 3-9 of the tester manual) Turn Ignition Switch OFF. At this point the meter should be displaying a fairly constant AC voltage. The engine is at TDC when the T mark on the rotor, aligned with the | mark on. Inspect The Magnetic Pickup Trigger: First, keep the ignition switch is in the Off position. Coil has primary and secondary resistances. The distributor is turned by a gear. Installation of a new magnetic pickup in a distributor can transform a conversion into electronic ignition with minimal effort. In older ignition systems, a distributor was used to allocate the power from the coil to the appropriate spark plug. You can use a screwdriver to check the arc when your car’s ignition is turned. Holley Magnetic Pick Up Ignition Harness $ 78. If you’re not sure about the polarity of the pickup you are using, there is a simple test you can perform by checking the engine’s timing. A higher reading indicates a poor connection. Last edited by deisele75; 07-01-2005 at 03:03 AM. Zero box failures, 4 pickup failures, 2 cap electrode explosions. The alter- nating magnetic field in the body of the soldering gun will induce voltage in the pickup coil, which should trigger the module, which should trigger . The movable pulse ring should now be within the sensor pickup. Zero cross detector input of the magnetic pickup signal for the ignition to the test circuit). It is important to make sure the pickup plate is parallel with the housing of the distributor. If the magnet is cracked inside the sensor, the magnetic field will be weak. The first, and most obvious, difference between the systems is the number of components. This test result doesn't condemn the ignition coil or the high tension wire to the trash just yet. After checking these out, connect your multimeter to the negative and the positive side of the ignition coil. It is supplied with the two pin connector installed. Two screws will take out the whole assembly, with the pickup attached minus the counterbalance weights. BTW, I gave up trying to get the gear and retainer off mine and went and bought a replacement, I think mine was $130, but it came with a module. ground, 12 volt electrical system with a distributor. The ignition system is made up of several parts including one or more ignition coils, wires or boots, and spark plugs. You should have battery voltage w/ the key in the start and RUN positions. Test, Scan and Specialty Tools. Magnetic Pickups and Proximity Switches Manual 82510 4 Woodward Figure 1-1. PDF Ignition Magnetic Pickup On Mercruiser Engines. The distributor does not contain breaker points or a condenser, these parts being replaced by a distributor re­luctor and a pick-up unit. Begin the test by removing the distributor cap and rotor to allow easy access to the magnetic pickup. Remove the coil wire from the distributor cap and position the terminal so it is approximately 1/2" from a good ground. eliminated through use of a control module and magnetic pickup contained in the distributor. Magnetic Pickup, Replacement for MSD Distributors, Each. How Do I Test My Msd Distributor? A small jumper wire should be used, in order to short the Green and Violet magnetic pickup wires. This distributor only needs an independent verification of its magnetic pickups so its resistance is the essential specification. Step 1) Remove the distributor cap and rotor (some rotors are on VERY tight). Free In-Store or Curbside Pick Up. The ignition control module senses the pulses. If this is the case, rev the motor up and. 10495089 - pick up coil - (1) cost is $12. You won't need to have a separate (or factory) ignition box to get the fires to light up in your cylinders because it the ignition is inside the. And I've taken a couple out by turning on. If you get a spark then its looking like your crank trigger, if you do get a spark then its likely to be the crank trigger (check the clearance. Next, install the shutter wheel for the magnetic pickup. MSD Ignition 84661 Distributor Magnetic Pickup. Product Features: Replacement maintenance-free magnetic pickup. domco wrote:I rechecked my steps in the installation of the control modular magnetic pick up and wiring on the coil. It was a simple design and some companies still use it. Check the Arc: Pull a plug wire off of the distributor and test each one. Instead of having a lone magnet in the pickup, MSD's "flying magnet" crank trigger design has a series of magnets in the wheel. distributors are equipped with a self-contained high output,surface mount,electronic control module,a precision machined reluctor and a magnetic pickup for the most dependable magnetic breakerless performance distributor available. Consisting of more than one turn, or a loop of wire, a magnetic coil focuses the magnetic field, with every coil of wire supplying a small amount of magnetic field. But even these fail from time to time. Chrysler electronic ignition with magnetic pickup. When all connections are made and distributor is in place, make sure to check timing. Testing a pickup coil with a multimeter. Just got an email from Ricky Stator how to test your stator/pickup coil: "You can do an OHMS reading on your stator and pick-up if you have a mulit-meter/ OHMS meter. A small magnet is attached to the other end, and this assembly is mounted in the distributor facing the distributor shaft. When a peice of ferrous metal is moved towards the end of the sensor it changes the shape of the magnetic field in the coil, this changing magnetic field then induces current to flow in the windings of the coil resulting in a small amount of electricity being generated. You can also perform this test by disconnecting the two-prong lead from the MSD distributor to the 6A box. The MSD Magnetic Pick-Up replace­ment is the same high output assem­bly that is currently found in all MSD Distributors. There are many ways of testing the ignition coil of a leaf blower. Might be more too it but that's all I remember. · Remove the old ignition coil (armature) mounting screws. The magnetic pickup doesn't work that way , get the rotor close and start the engine to set the timing at 28-32° at 2500 rpm. com: ACCEL 31086 Blue and White Magnetic Pickup. How to Test the High Energy Ignition Distributor Pickup CoilOoopsPlease Notethat, at about 10:20, that I said the decimal . This means that despite the large difference regarding the pickup position of each type, you will only need to rotate the distributor around 1. 2ndary test is ignition terminal to end of plug wire, yes you have to remove boot. 1: Ohmmeter connections for testing the pick-up coil. you need to have the correct gap with a brass feeler gauge (not sure of the spec) because of the magnetic pickup. When the magnetic pick-up has an intermittent problem, check for broken or loose leads. 025", toyota says that these don't need adjustment, but when we replaced it, we didn't think to check the gap. It is used to measure the engine RPM for use by the speed switch in an automatic overspeed protection system. Tighten the magnetic pickup mounting nuts. How to Replace an Electronic Ignition Pickup Standard Motor Products LX302T Magnetic Pickup. If the magnetic head reads "OL" on your . 5L) and drive gear with a felt tip pen for alignment reference when reinstalling distributor gear. That thing went crazy firing the plug wire. It works on 2 opposing magnetic fields, If the p/u coil isn't working there's no 2nd field. The idea here is to provide stable timing throughout the RPM range. MSD incorporates a magnetic pickup in our distributors because of their reliability and accuracy. As a result, the alternating current voltage. Does the Coil Have sharply, the coil magnetic field will not. Starting in 1972, Chrysler began using a revolutionary new electronic ignition system. it does not require a power source, and has a small magnet built in. Be the first to write a review. To test for a good ground, a jumper wire can be attached to the distributor by connecting it anywhere on the housing and running it to the negative side of the battery. Carefully move it out of the way to allow plenty of working room for the next phase of the test. Basicly and change involtage will cause the module to think there is a wave and time to throw a spark. The primary current, as switched on and off by the ignition distributor, flows through the primary winding of the ignition coil. The distributor has a Hall Effect switch inside it the only way I know to test it is with an oscilloscope and look at the pattern of the pick up coil output.