android tv box slow ethernet. No matter how you are watching videos, Speedify can help. Get help if you can connect to Wi-Fi/ethernet, but the internet is slow or doesn't work. The speed test shows I'm getting 4 mbps instead of the normal 35 mbps I'm getting from other devices. Another thing to try is messing around with your router's QoS (Quality of Service) settings. The whole time is somehow 5-6 seconds, what is impossible for an performance App like ours. If you have any problem of software, please Click OTA directly. @Override public void onCreate() { SocketIOConnect(); super. 1 you should set your Android TV Box to something like 192. And a damaged cable will slow your connection, as will an Ethernet switch box that's going bad. How to Fix Buffering When Streaming Video. Restart your Apple TV and router. From there, please select the icon next to the "Decode" option. 00 (List Price $179) Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K Media Player — $34. The Z68 TV Box is a RK3368 Octa-core, Android 5. If your TV worked well before, you may need to update your firmware. An Android TV box makes it easy and cost-effective to turn a regular TV into a smart TV. Now it's about 20-30mbps and videos buffer all the time. Android TV Network Connection Guide Wireless Connection • Wireless, using the internal wireless or external wireless USB adapter and your home wireless network. Not only does it have a simple user interface, the box only has a few ports: one for an HDMI cable, one for power, and. I did ookla speedtest app on my phone got 15Mbps. For most people, that will sway them in one direction or the other. 5m ethernet cable will be provided to connect your TV box and broadband hub. To fix your ethernet connection that is slower than WiFi, first, Get my most popular internet, tv, and smart home solutions that you can . Go to your Android TV Settings. After there we have the parsing time and the display time. Here are the best Android TV boxes you can buy! It combines the Tegra X1+ chip and gigabit ethernet for fast. 0, Smart TV Box RK3318 2GB 16GB Support 2. Conventional VPNs do a great job of keeping your data secure from hackers and unauthorized surveillance. 4-5s channel switching time is very slow in my opinion. Dated WiFi Receiver on TV Box. Harga: Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Full HD Android TV Stik: Rp499. Ever since updating my Mi Box to Oreo I noticed the download speeds on the box have decreased by 50%, my upload speeds are perfectly fine. @dkcarmona , 99mb should be plenty to stream. On the Network Status screen, you will be able to see the connection status of the TV, router, and the Internet. The method is as follows: Open the TV box menu-enter the "settings" bar-select "wireless and network settings"-enter the "WiFi settings" project-select "turn off WiFi" in the new window-re-enter the project after closing the operation, and select "turn on WiFi" to restart the WiFi connection. net (you may need to download the app) 3. If you’d like to increase your wireless speeds, try moving the router closer to the Firestick. However, these instructions will also work any Fire TV Device including Firestick 4k and Fire TV Cube. At a glance, this affordable gadget seems to have decent specs, and can definitely handle some video playing action…. dengar cerita start bulan 6 siaran analog akan stop. And that is only the beginning. Android TV Boxes come in numerous sizes, types and with different features. You can check if you have a wireless issue by connecting with ethernet. 0 TV Box 4GB RAM 32GB ROM, Bqeel TV Box Android S905X3 Quad-Core 64bit with Dual-WiFi 2. This leads us to another problem. Finish setting up your TCL Android TV and stay at the home screen page. TeaTV supports 1080p and you can access TV shows and movies on your Fire devices. Smart TV Box Gaming Console Emulator PSX/GBA/SNES for Android. Best wired TV streamer to save your home's Wi-Fi bandwidth. If your Android TV can't connect to WiFi then, first of all, you need to adjust the time and date settings. Other devices in the house aren't having the same problem so problem must be with the box. Everybody uses Wi-Fi these days, . Try using a faster APN for your ISP. This Android TV box has an excellent user interface, supports popular apps, has a built-in EPG, and comes equipped with an external antenna. WIFI speeds can be significantly reduced, and this might result in buffering and lags. tv baru sekarang banyak yang dah terus support digital. It has a storage capacity of 8GB and supports the RAM of 1GB. X96 (S905x) Android TV Box. A dual band antenna is located on the back of the box. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet. Your Smart TV is so slow either because its memory storage is full, use a wired ethernet cable to connect your Smart TV to your modem. Also, through my Samsung UE48H6400AKXXU Smart TV. Download APKPure APP to get the latest update of Smart TV Box Gaming Console Emulator PSX/GBA/SNES and any app on Android The description of Smart TV Box Gaming Console Emulator PSX/GBA/SNES App Free Emulator for Playstation, PSP (Playstation Portable), Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, NES gaming console for your. This guide will provide a list of the Best IPTV Box in 2022 for streaming Live TV and highlight important features for each. I happy to report that android did not put the brakes on the wireless like Roku. 1 TV Box ATV195X Android HDMI Dongle Remote Controller ; KR303 Air Mouse Voice Remote KR800 Remote with Touchpad KR41 2. Use Ethernet - For a reliable internet connection As much as WIFI is versatile, at times, using the cable for internet connection on your Android box is the right thing to do. After the server has been set, go to the main page of the application, open the settings menu and select "Synchronize" in it. Just say "Ok Google," or press the mic button on your remote to quickly find the latest blockbuster, check the score of the big game, or dim the lights - all without leaving what you're watching. How it appears depends on the Android™ OS version installed on your TV. I have a 3 yr old Desktop , I use Ethernet to connect to router, Speedtest: 54Mbps . In order to be able binge your favorite TV. It took 4 seconds to establish the connection to the server and after that some ms to download the results. I switch encrypted HD channels in a bit over a second via Digital Devices Cine S2 over network. For example, although the app is listed as also supporting various other big-name TV solutions from Apple TV, LG, Roku, LG. On the Network Setup screen, select Automatically. If you have you already tried viewing anything at a low or standard resolution does it still stutter and have buffering? Maybe try changing your router settings so your Amlogic has a reserved IP, or just turning off DHCP and use assigned addresses. Best Streaming Device for 2022. Once the authentication has been granted via Wi-Fi, you can connect to the TV over the wired interface as well. Mi Box is a good second room device. MXQ S85 is actually a pretty good device and performance considering the price (<$50). That's about half of my current peak speed for both. In fact, you don’t need a smart TV to make use of this IPTV option; any conventional TV will operate like a computer after setup. My main purpose is debug with eclipse and get internet on Android. 1 TV Box ATV195X Android HDMI Dongle. It offers nearly all of the features you'd expect from a TV box: 4K resolution, H. Ideally, an Android TV box should have two USB ports. Conflict with new files When the server owner updates it, the user experiences some problems with the broadcast. Even though it's definitely not my favorite web browser for Android TV, it came pre-installed on the device. Android TV is a smart TV platform from Google built around the Android operating system. , Philips TVs running Android TV) only accept the initial ADB connection request over their Wi-Fi interface. Android TV - The ease and convenience of Apps you would use on your tablet, but on a much bigger screen! From Blockbuster movies to live sports, Android TV delivers a world of content, apps and games to your. I am thinking to use it as Smart TV by attaching Android TV Box (HDMI cabel) ,,,,,I tried to read about it but I am confused with below : 1- Can a spare phone like Samsung S10 do the same job as Android TV box in watching Netflix Stan, Disney. Step 3: Remove or disable unnecessary widgets and apps and update the apps you do use. In addition, the number of apps on a smart TV will be limited in comparison to those available via Android TV. All we Will do is clear the cache of the application. AMD LINK Android TV app shows only 10mbit bandwidth when using AMD LINK in-app bandwidth optimization routine (and gaming is unusable). T9 TV Box comes packed with Android 8. 000: Harga: STB TVBOX Android TV ZTE B860H V5 RAM 2 Gb/ 8 Gb Android 9 Unlock NEW. My WiFi encryption is already AES not TKIP. After each step, check if the issue remains. Help on Ethernet problem on MXQ android TV box. An Android TV Box is a whole system that replicates a Smart TV. PC has gigabit ethernet and Android TV has 100mb ethernet. And with regard to the OS, a smart TV system is far more likely to become obsolete as some updates are less frequent compared to an Android TV box. Ideally, ping should be less than 30ms. You might want to consider the T9. Samsung Max is your smart assistant for Android, personally advising the best way to save your data, shield your security, and manage your apps. For me, restarting the device keep my Fire TV Box running smoothly for at least a week, usually two before I start to see slowdowns again. All is fine, however I noticed the wifi speed is really slow. Introducing the TV-Box formuler Z8. 0 tv box supports decoding and playing almost all popular audio and video formats bringing you to enjoy 8K ultimate HD video. Continue through the series of questions to build your Watch Smart TV Activity. It unlocks the full power of your devices, allowing you to use multiple Internet connections simultaneously. That is the box network port is abnormal, can not be remote assistance, need to return to the factory for testing. TeaTV is the best alternative to popular Movie. On some devices, you may need to select Data usage before you find this. Sometimes corrupt network drivers can lead to slow internet speed on that specific PC. Hi ;In order to get good HD 720/1080P video without or little buffering/freeze you have to have a TV Provider with payed service and at least the most important is internet speed minimum 12 Mbps of speed ,(i have 30Mbps )with only one Box/PC running at a time,also important you must clean cache , cause most Android boxes only have 32 GB max. Smart TV: This is a traditional TV box but with an integrated internet facility and features an interactive web 2. Using APKPure App to upgrade Box Loca Movies Show & TV Show, fast, free and saving internet data. 2) and 1GB/8GB ($33), and GeekBuying too. The root of slow and lagging streaming on an Apple TV can be found in either the software or hardware of the TV. An inexpensive Android TV streamer is a great idea, but the execution in this case is a mess. TV box + Unlimited IPTV with Replay Function LIVE TV 1000+ MOVIES 10000+ TV SERIES 1000+ PPV Events Streaming for North American tv shows, movies, sports, etc without monthly or yearly fees. Then restart the router and the box to try this. While it still supports features like high-dynamic range or video post-processing, it’s not really optimized for TV boxes, but this has not stopped the maker of H96 Max “8K UltraHD” TV box to launch an RK3566 model with 4GB RAM and 8GB RAM now sold for respectively $59. That Android TV app, although available, is pretty much a retired app. Solution: Restart your network or replace other network cables. This compact, sleek, and easy-to-use box is one of the most competitively-priced Google-certified boxes available. How to increase wireless speed supported by Android TV BOX. This gives you more bandwidth for your streaming videos. You will be getting "airtel internet tv not responding". Packed with features to make even the. Unlock the Full Capabilities of Your Device and Fix Buffering when Streaming Video. I have one of these and its a slow as a horse, it will not even run one app in the background, I have tried resetting it and removing the apps I installed and it still slow. If the TV is connected using the Wi-Fi® connection, confirm that Wi-Fi or Built-in Wi-Fi is On. If your Android TV box buffers while steaming or takes a long time to buffer and load content, your ISP might be the problem. Users can stream content to your TV via apps, both free and paid, using your internet connection. Step 2: Select "Wireless Network" in the pop-up settings window. Where Can I Stream TV Shows for Free?. Re: Slow Internet Download Speed on Roku TV. To change the time on your Android 10 device, go to: Settings. Or ask it questions and see the answers right on your TV. This T8 box is by far better than the M8 from eny. Use this Verizon Troubleshooter to quickly identify and resolve the issue without waiting! This tool can help with: Slow wired speed; Slow Wi-Fi Speed; Video . Streaming video can be challenging without fast internet service, so as a rule of thumb, I recommend paying for download speeds of at least 15 Mbps for each TV that you plan to use at the same. Yes, Sony TVs are acceptably fast after a full reboot when all startup processes have finished their work. The Fire TV Stick doesn’t always struggle to do its job out of the box. How to fix unstable connection issues on Android. Forget the Android TV box network. The Google Cast allows you to enjoy entertainment on big tv screen through a wide array of devices like a tablet, smartphone or laptop. If the TV and the router are not connected, you should check both the TV and the router. Using the appropriate cable I am getting 450Mbps+ through my laptop via ethernet. Go to Settings > Network on the main menu, then select “Check connection”. The first box to ship with Android TV software is incredibly simple to use. 0 supports most apps with both Wifi and Ethernet, onnectivity. Developed with utmost care at the user interface, the app has a very intuitive design that will appeal to the users. If you have a smart phone with a hot-spot and at least 3 bars of Using an Ethernet cord, connect to the router directly to the TV. If it's already on, turn it off and on again. 0 is 10 times faster than USB 2. If you're using an Ethernet cable, make sure the cable is secured. To do so, open Settings by clicking on the gear icon located at the top-right corner. 000: Harga: Android TV Box H96 MAX 4GB 32GB Bluetooth Miracast Resolusi 4K: Rp469. There are numerous differences between radio and television, with the nature of radio being audio a significant factor. I hope this helps you get some more life out of your Fire TV Box or Stick. But at the same time, it can also slow down your Internet and also generate disconnects. I have decided to pass a Cat6 Cable, so i could have a stable 100Mgs like i have on my PC. I'm having issues with download speeds on on my android box - an Amlogic M8S+. Method 3 to play MKV media files on an ANdroid TV box is just like method 2, except you may download the document from here. Navigate to your TV's "settings" or "input selection" tabs and select the HDMI port you connected your box to as your input source. Next, open “ Date and Time ” and click on “Automatic Date and Time”. The Android TV™/Google TV™ cannot be connected to the Internet. So, today, in this post, we would be covering on How to Install X88 Pro 10 TV Box Stock Firmware. Other devices are connected to the same network If other devices are downloading large-sized files, such as videos, the network speed may slow down. How To Check & Improve the WiFi Signal Quality on Your Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, or Apple TV. If a particular app or game is running slow or gets unresponsive at times, you can clear its cache and data to fix any temporary glitches. This is extremely frustrating especially when trying to stream HD content. 8G WiFi LAN Bluetooth TF Card Slot USB 2. The Network Settings icon or messages on the TV menu screen indicates your TV network connection status. Delete unnecessary items to have enough free storage on your Android TV. But if the application closes, the service restart with START_STICKY; It works correctly, but sometimes it takes a long time to restart, like more than a minute. The TV box has the measurement of 90*90*20 mm; the small size helps in saving the space and is quite easy to carry. If you're seeing buffering or long load times when you try to play a TV show or movie, use this article to resolve the issue. Level up to SHIELD TV Pro for more storage space, two USB 3. Philips AndroidTV Lan Slow Lan Conection! Hello Guys! Im a owner of a Philips 55pus6551. When using Android OS smart tv box to watch TV, the speed of wifi and the speed of Ethernet are determined by the bandwidth. Are Ethernet Cables Slowing Your Connection?. Step 6: Clear the cache on your cell phone. You can easily do that on your Android by switching from Wi-Fi to a mobile data network or vice versa. It can't compete with the NVIDIA SHIELD on performance and features but it beats it hands-down on price. If you want to clear data and reset the app, click on Clear Data. The storage capacity can be extended to 64GB. The program will not be able to automatically change the system time, so the smartphone will open the time and date settings section, and a reverse timer. 1 with Mini Backlit Keyboard Ethernet LAN 3D 4K Video Android Box Set Top TV Box 3. It is recommended that the TV and router be at least 1 meter (3 feet) apart. Answer (1 of 15): Airtel internet tv set of box is worst. Rockchip RK3566 is a quad-core Cortex-A55 processor with plenty of peripherals designed for AIoT and NVR applications. Test Internet Speed On Firestick/Fire TV – Screenshot Guide. The best Ethernet cables can significantly improve network and internet speeds. how is this possible? please help, thank you. To do that just use your router's IP and change the last group of digits. Tip: For additional help with these steps, visit Devices, then select . Overall, there are several popular streaming devices that work well with a VPN installed. From your Apple TV menu, select: Settings, followed by General, then Network and then Configure TCP/IP. First, you'll need an internet browser on your Android TV box. And now, without using a VPN, it's streaming fine (1080p included), without any buffering. Here is what I get for my 1Gbps service: On my PC normal boot into windows 10 I get 150 Mbps Ethernet wired only connection to CODA modem. The Fire TV Stick doesn't always struggle to do its job out of the box. 264 1080P Encoder MXQ is the new generation of MX OTT TV BOX. What internet speed do I need to run an Android TV Box? For the best streaming quality we recommend a minimum of 2mb and for HD content you . There's so many software problems -- and apathy or hubris from the company -- that this would be first explanation to reach for. After testing all the connections and cables I realised that it was the TV that was at fault. Android TV and Google TV have over 110 million monthly active devices, up 30 million since May. To put it simply smart TV is a technological merging of computers, set-top boxes, and television sets. Copt the program to a USB drive or SD card. This Android TV box offers a decent range of games, an attractive user interface (for the cost), and. Even plugged to an ethernet cable I get half the speed than with my PC. It’s possible to watch just about anything on an Android box, as well as listen to music and browse the Internet. Internet Connection Issues: · 1 – Use an Ethernet Cable · 2 – Fix Smart TV Wifi Issues · 3 – Reset Your TV or Network Settings. Select "OK" after the check is done, then go on the right side of the page and look under "Internet download speed". By Aman Rashid | Updated: 1 October 2020 . Otherwise, whenever it is rebooted, it does not detect an ethernet connection unless i disable and then enable it. If you don’t have a good internet package, a smart television could experience slow speeds. Instead of going through the pain of entering the URL character by character, you just have to scan a QR code from your phone and push the link on the page and it should open it on your Android TV with ease. To cover all the bases, we'll explain how you . Data caps are one of the biggest culprits of slow internet speed out there. I also had slow speed on my box, changed to static ip and now it's all . It can’t compete with the NVIDIA SHIELD on performance and features but it beats it hands-down on price. Whether I connect it with a cable or wirelessly, the internet speed reaches a maximum of about 20 Mbps. For more details, head over to the Apple TV troubleshooting playback. The Emulator gets DNS setting from a host Network Adapter, so picking the wrong one might leave it with the wrong settings and render it unable to connect. Hello, So I recently made a first time purchase of android box H96 Max X2. Step 5: Restart your Android phone. Fix buffering issues on my NOW Box or Smart Stick. NOTE: If you are using a wireless LAN converter (a type of device connected to . Use Ethernet – For a reliable internet connection As much as WIFI is versatile, at times, using the cable for internet connection on your Android box is the right thing to do. 0 features, VP9 and/or HDR, NEXBOX A95X model with. Those changes take a toll on performance, utilizing much of the added power from the new CPU. It works through the internet and delivers all sorts of video content on your demand. A slow internet speed can get really frustrating while doing something time-sensitive. Before slow loading and low resolution make you go all Jack Torrance, there are some steps you can take to improve the quality of your stream, be it on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or a live TV service. The thing is the wi-fi goes on and off, I can spend several hours with a perfect internet in the TV. And while they all look the same, there can be some significant differences from cable to cable. 265 can be played in MX Player, but not yet in XBMC. Check that there is a data indicator, like 2G, 3G, 4G, or H, next to the signal strength bars at the top of the screen. CB4KTX2 Media Player with 2GB Ram, 16GB Rom is designed to connect to any tv, old new and comes with both AV & HDMI Cable and port with the device. 0 Smart TV Box with Wireless Mini Keyboard. The service is working with activities at times. Suddenly a few weeks ago everything started to buffer all the time. There's more TV content to watch now than ever before, but there are still those classics you "always meant to watch. Learn how to get free channels with TV hacks. You will be inviting a trouble to your home. Ethernet works almost flawlessly for me. 3 thoughts on " Matricom G-Box Q Android Set Top Box Review " Eduardo Castrejon 2015-11-29. Where to buy wifi tv box, how to connect smart tv android os tv box wifi? What is the difference between a wifi connection and an Ethernet connection?. Diagnose Your TV Box Internet Speed 1. Xiaomi Mi TV Stick review: The wrong Android TV. The latest SuperBox S2 Pro has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, utilizes a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, supports Android 9. Xiaomi’s Mi Box S and Mi TV Stick 2K products both run the same Android TV OS you’ll find on TVs from Sony, TCL, Toshiba and Philips, while Nvidia’s Shield TV devices run a customised version. The NEO U9-H runs pure Android while the NEO T5 runs Android TV. Your payment options are Bitcoin, credit card, and debit card, and they support a number of different systems, including Apple TV, Mac, Android, and more. One of the easiest and quick fixes for most of the issues on the Android Box TV is just installing Stock ROM on X88 Pro 10 TV Box. Plug in the Ethernet cable between your modem and VodafoneTV or connect via WI-FI. If you want it just as a TV box you can set XMBC as the default launcher. In that case, it's a good idea to change the network band from 5GHz to 2. From what i read in that thread, he couldn't get ethernet to work at all. Mi Box slow wifi (download) speeds after Oreo update. Plus, a lot of people try to download Chrome on their Android TV box because they're familiar with it on their Windows PC. It the worst MXQ TV box you can get, its rubbish, more like it can only run properly Android 4. If you have been poking around the Internet for a budget Android TV box, the T95 is definitely one of the under $50 options that popped out. Puffin TV browser offers a unique way of browsing the Internet on Android TV. The TV box uses the android version of 7. Kodi running slow? Here’s how to increase. It allows your device to use two different Internet connections at the same time, and. The box automatically selected 1080p60 Hz video output, and the user interface resolution is 1920×1080 as you can infer from the. i have tried several combination to get both but no luck. I have a background service, and I am doing all the operations on this service. Graphics processing unit (GPU) Inside the MXQ is the Quad Core ARM Mali-450. While it still supports features like high-dynamic range or video post-processing, it's not really optimized for TV boxes, but this has not stopped the maker of H96 Max "8K UltraHD" TV box to launch an RK3566 model with 4GB RAM and 8GB RAM now sold for respectively $59. Then type "speed test" into the search box. If the above two points can not be resolved. An Evpad TV box allows users to view digital content, such as TV programs and movies, on televisions, engage with digital entertainment, and much more. senang di bawa kemana mana contoh balik kampung ke. Android tv box Firmware update date: 01/05/2021 Note: Factory tools for upgrading firmware are included in the link, Good News, H96 Brand All New Android TV Box Produced Out July 10, 2020, Support Online Firmware Upgrades, (OTA android tv box). In a nutshell, an Android box will take your smart TV and make it even smarter than that. This is just a summary of the steps you can take. The best IPTV box includes the NVIDIA Shield, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast with Google TV, and many others found on this list. I used to cast to TV when both my laptop and TV were connected to network LAN via WiFi. Android TV now comes with your Google Assistant built in. What is an Android TV Box? Android TV Box is basically a mini PC that runs Android operating system. Медиаплеер ZGM Tanix-TX6-P-2-16, HDMI, RJ-45 Ethernet, USB 2. Force Stop the app which you feel may be causing issues with the TV performance. Cancel or wait until this activity completes and try again. Less RAM and storage (albeit it's expandable), excellent remote with power and volume control (in fact I think the remote is better than the Shield). Select “OK” after the check is done, then go on the right side of the page and look under “Internet download speed”. On the same cable Android box reaches 90+ Mbps, and other wireless devices around 50 Mbps (2. 0 installed, wireless ac, and an ethernet port that I think is a 10/100mbps port. Tm home internet Started out at about 100 to 200 mbps. After that, open Device Preferences. Step 1: First connect the H96 Max Android TV Box to the TV with a network cable, then enter the homepage of the H96 Max Android TV Box and select “Settings”. Here is a primer on choosing a good Android TV Box. Android Smart TV Box Built-in WiFi Support [email protected] Google Play, Netflix, Youtube, IR Remote Control 4K Hdr Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote bundle, Ethernet Adapter. Cancel or wait until this activity . Here's where things get interesting - his speed test result is 3. In the guide below, we are installing Analiti on a Fire TV Stick Lite. It seems to be working a bit better on WiFi. I have had the TV since last November without any issues up to now. To enable your Evpad TV box, simply hook it up to a TV using a HDMI cable and then connect it to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet cable. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button. If using an Android TV Box, you can install via the Google Play Store: Analiti – Google Play Store. Our suggestion is that, as the data transmitted on the screen is very. I can finally enjoy watching the TV again, without VPN. Next, select Easy and then Test connection to finish. The first Rockchip RK3566 TV box is out with H96 Max. If your Android TV can’t connect to WiFi then, first of all, you need to adjust the time and date settings. The Diggz Xenon Matrix Build is one of the most common Kodi builds, and and works great on low-spec devices such as Android boxes and Amazon FireSticks. Slow operation of the USB flash drive. The issue might also lie in the configuration of your Android OS, apps, or networks. Unlike the Ethernet cable, WIFI is affected by a lot of things. My touch remote has has also stopped working I am not sure if this is related or just a coinsidense. Has anyone tried the Airtel Internet TV set.